Snopes How Much Money Has Been Spent On Obama Family Vacations

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A former Haitian official who was due to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption next week, has been found dead.

Is Trump Spending More Taxpayer Dollars on Personal Travel than Obama Did? 16 October 2017 Despite preliminary indications that the Trump family's government-paid travel expenses are higher than the Obamas', Internet rumors exaggerate the disparity. False. Fake News.

Obama’s official overseas trips and family vacations seem extravagant and more expensive. CARTOONS | Robert Ariail View Cartoon In the 1980s the media made a fuss about how much money was being spent on me when I.

By Austin Ruse. Austin Ruse is president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute. He is the author of Fake.

The Post reported that the cost of the new first family’s elaborate lifestyle is “far beyond what has. Obama for taking vacations during his eight years in office, Trump also frequently called out the former president on Twitter for.

Obama’s official overseas trips and family vacations seem extravagant and more expensive. In the 1980s the media made a fuss about how much money was being spent on me when I traveled to Europe with my wife and kids. I.

While Americans are suffering in the Obama economy, President Barack Obama is seeking to increase the money available to him after he leaves the White House. The.

Feb 22, 2017. President Trump's three trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida may have already cost the federal treasury some $10 million. the President has already spent three weekends at Mar-a-Lago, which he has begun referring to as the “ Winter White House,” indicating that more is in store for the lavish private.

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Fact checking has its origin in the early 20th century, when magazines began to verify statements made in non-fictional texts prior to publication. This practice.

During his opening statement at the House Benghazi committee’s questioning of Hillary Clinton, ranking Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings expressed concern for how much has been spent on the investigation.

President Obama chose to use taxpayer money for a weekend trip to play golf. I have heard from a number of concerned constituents in my state who believe the money used for this trip could have been spent in a manner that would have reduced the federal deficit or have helped reduce the impact of sequestration on the.

. Obama has been on vacation more than his predecessors. Is that true? Obama, scheduled to end his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., Sunday, seems to generate a lot of criticism for his family vacations. Viral emails.

Mar 17, 2017. Trump frequently criticized Obama during the latter's eight years in the White House for spending too much time on vacation and on the golf course. Although President Trump has visited a golf course on three other occasions, it has not been confirmed that he actually played golf during those visits:.

When Republicans and Obama reach their compromise, the annual budget will pass at or around $3.55 Trillion – give or take a few billion to cover Mrs. Obama’s upcoming vacations with friends and family. government has been deficit.

Claim: President Donald Trump is billing Michelle Obama for buying yachts, furniture, and other items while she was First Lady.

Barack Obama’s two daughters. move to the White House.” The Trump family.

Are all of these Firsts by President Obama True? This chain mail and social media post has been going around for a while, claiming all of these negative “firsts.

Feb 3, 2017. President Donald Trump's trip to his luxury resort in Mar-a-Lago this weekend could saddle taxpayers with a bill upward of $3 million and is already. on Trump's trip ahead of time is because Judicial Watch and other conservatives have been so dogged in recent years about pricing out Obama's travel.

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Feb 3, 2017. President Trump's weekend trip to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., could cost taxpayers more than $3 million, Politico reported Frida. Camp David is the official presidential retreat in Maryland and has been a common destination for vacations and official business for past presidents. Trump's.

He was raising money for Massachusetts Democratic candidates and his own reelection efforts. As President Obama’s motorcade was strolling through Logan airport and around Boston, one has to wonder how much. he and his family.

Apr 14, 2017. Whereas Obama spent close to $12.1 million annually in travel costs, Trump may have already doubled that benchmark on trips to Mar-A-Lago alone before the. When looking a bit deeper at what the Trump family is doing on many of their trips and outings, as well as the impact on local residents; well, the.

It’s not unlike the difference between money a family might spend on luxuries, such as restaurant dinners and vacations. Complaints that the Transportation Trust Fund has been raided generally fail to account for how much has been.

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Your statement has all the net worth of a democrat. Fill in the blank with any company name or govt entity and it’s 100% as valid as what you’ve said.

He is now the second person from Haiti who is killed with a bullet to the head, called a suicide. All together there have been, now 8 people who were going to testify.

Feb 22, 2017. In total, Obama's eight year travel bill came to $97 million and unbelievably, Donald Trump is on pace to outspend him in less than one year. The Washington Post says "the elaborate lifestyle of America's first family is straining the Secret Service and security officials, stirring financial and logistical concerns.

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Looking at the information we do have, the Obama family's travel expenses during the entire eight years of his presidency totaled approximately $106 million, according to the most recent FOIA numbers released by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, who kept close tabs on Obama's spending. The Obamas'.

Presidential vacations have often been contentious and a source of criticism for presidents throughout history. Contents. [hide]. 1 History; 2 Known totals; 3 References; 4 External links. History[edit]. Martha's Vineyard is one choice taken for location for vacation, since the time of Ulysses S. Grant, during 1874. Presidents who.

Mar 16, 2017. CBS News reports American taxpayers spend more than $3 million each time Trump heads to the “Winter White House.” But that's only part of the price of Trump's weekend getaways. Residents in Palm Beach have been hit with additional costs to protect the president, to the tune of more than $1 million.

Whether his time in that country provided him more “foreign experience” is argumentative, but people other than Obama himself have suggested that it might :. Kids — the millions of U.S. children (an estimated 20 million since the advent of mass air travel) who have been carted abroad by their missionary, diplomatic,

Dec 25, 2016. One way to chart Snopes's increasing prominence is by measuring the rise in fake news about the site itself. If you believe the internet, the. She scheduled a vacation, and thought she would spend more time writing about such things as how no one has a water bed anymore. Mr. Mikkelson, 56, went on a.

Claim: After only nine months in office, President Trump and family had already spent $147 million on personal travel, amounting to one-and-a-half times as much as Presiden…

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I have seen this story around the net a few times. All I can say to it is, "how much would you be willing to pay [in taxes] to have been born in the USA and given all.

How much do you spend on your summer vacation? American households usually spend about $1,200 per person on summer vacations. could spend the holiday with their family, according to Conservative Byte. Now Obama plans.

Aug 21, 2017. I have no flexibility.'' Alles said the service is grappling with an unprecedented number of White House protectees. Under Trump, 42 people have protection, a number that includes 18 members of his family. That's up from 31 during the Obama administration. Overwork and constant travel have also been.

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The travel costs for vacations taken by the first family and the Bidens. So far, Judicial Watch said that it has tabulated vacation travel costs, mostly just Air Force jet time, at over $40 million. Far more money is spent on accommodations.

Obama’s motto: If I don’t go on tax payer funded vacations & constantly fundraise then the terrorists win. The same records show more than $16,000 has been spent on secret service hotel bills for his two sons’ visit for a grand.

Feb 20, 2017. On Monday, President Trump will return to Washington, D.C. from his private Mar- a-Lago club in Florida, where he's spent the last three weekends. The Washington Post reports that those three trips “probably cost the federal treasury about $10 million, based on figures used in an October government.

There would be an ironic twist in the theme this time around: The Trump family. Obama, for his occasional games of golf, and despite his campaign declaration that "I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work.

So far, the highlight of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips has been him and his aides struggling to deal. according to the UK-based Independent. President Obama, by contrast, spent an average of $12.1 million on travel each year. It wasn’t.

Mar 1, 2018. Using discretionary funds from the Office of Presidential Visits and Vacations, Obama was able to weasel what would have been another $2.1 billion in free vacations for him and up to 24 members of his family plus staff and a dog sitter until the year 2036. He would have, that is, had he not lost his office to.

The first family enjoys vacationing in Hawaii for the same reasons many others do, including scenic views, beautiful beaches, a relaxed pace, and great restaurants. White House spokesman Eric Schultz Critics of Obama’s annual.

pretty much.mostly. At the end of every quarter, I tally our assets and liabilities. I like to know how much money we have. deficit-reduction plan: We cut spending (ate fewer meals out; took cheaper, shorter vacations; bought only.

And it was actually a very significant amount of money. be much higher. If our family has two cars that means that they will also be paying for automobile insurance. Let’s assume that they both have exemplary driving records and so.

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Dec 22, 2017. Tweets about Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago trip for Christmas have been calling out the president's latest vacation. "Per pool, Trump has arrived at. Obama is about to embark on a 17 day vacation in his 'native' Hawaii, putting Secret Service away from families on Christmas. Aloha!" wrote Trump in a Dec.

In the wake of President Obama’s 23 rd vacation, Judicial Watch estimated the first family has milked the public trough for. and the Department of Defense for details on how much taxpayer money was spent in 2013 on seven lavish.

Michelle Obama will go down in history as the First Lady who spent more money than any other. Another site,, published a similar “ report” stating that Trump instead billed Obama's husband, former President Barack Obama, for a $2.1 billion “vacation scam” that would have paid for his family and.